Intro: Operational Foundations


Learn to protect yourself using the proven methods employed by Law Enforcement, SWAT, Military, and other use of force


professionals across the world.


The training focuses on human performance.


Knowing what you are capable of under stress and in the environment.


We teach gross motor movements built onto your body’s natural preprogrammed responses.


After you have trained and refined your responses we work on ingraining those pathways through drills and games.


Finally, we test those ingrained responses under stress to ensure you know them, and have confidence they will work!


This practical approach is effective for all regardless of age, size, gender or fitness level


And it is FUN!!!


This is our intro class and serves as a foundation for everything else we offer.


Training is style neutral and principle based, focused on the individual.


This allows students of any experience level or training background to work on fundamental skills and develop an individualized


operational method that meets their specific needs.


Whether your interest is in:


  • Professional Use of Force
  • Building confidence through competence
  • Anti-bullying
  • Practical application of your existing martial arts training for self defense
  • Personal Protection
  • Women’s Self Defense


All of these are subtopics of human interpersonal violence.


This class provides the individual an operational foundation to successfully deal with the violence they are most likely to face




"It was great material and because everything tied together I think I improved as we progressed. This method of teaching built myconfidence in the techniques. Truly amazing stuff Kasey can't thank you enough. I studied a lot of stuff and got to train with many great instructors but this is the first time I felt like I learned a natural fighting style that taught me to fight like a cop, not a BJJ practitioner, not a TKD practitioner, but a cop faced in real modern use of force situations…

Again thank you for your time today"


- Adam


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