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To be effective for law enforcement, martial art training must include empty-hand techniques as well as weapons techniques. It must rely upon sound principles that allow a smaller individual to control a larger, stronger opponent. Also, it must provide the Officer with the skills needed to control a suspect while minimizing injuries

Judo has been taught to Law Enforcement around the world since 1886.  In fact Judo contains Renkoho Waza and Taiho Jutsu designed especially for Law Enforcement and is the foundation of many modern defensive tactics systems.

Judo Minnesota provides an opportunity for Law Enforcement to train at times and locations that are the most convenient for the individual Officer.   Greatly increasing the likely hood of their receiving more and better training.

In order to accomplish that all licensed Law Enforcement Officers participating in the PAL Judo program are able to receive MN POST credit for their training.

Concurrent with the Judo program Law Enforcement Officers will be trained in One On One Control Tactics

One-On-One Control focuses on gross motor skill, high percentage techniques that are effective for all Law Enforcement Personnel regardless of their size or gender.

This program is not meant to replace the defensive tactics system you have, but will enhance and supplement your program, increasing officer’s competence in hand to hand confrontations both standing and on the ground.

One-On-One Control Tactics protect LEOs physically, legally and they also project a positive public perception.

Over the last 30 years One-On-One Control Tactics have been proven effective in application on the street and 100% defendable in court.

Use of these techniques have resulted in:

• 0 – LEO injuries

• 0 – Suspect injuries

• 0 – Use of Force complaints

With the courts looking at every contact police officers have with the public, this integrated One-On-One Control Tactics system has been found to be non-obtrusive to the public, while at the same time maintaining officer safety and giving the officer maximum control without causing injury to the suspect or to the officer.

Law Enforcement Officers that complete two 12 week semesters of this program are eligible to become One On One Control Tactics Instructors for their departments.



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