Community Relations


Besides all the inherent benefits that come from Judo training, this unique PAL Judo program allows citizens to see just how difficult safely controlling someone can be.  An informed public is a safer public

In a free and peaceful society where so many have been taught that all violence is always wrong, citizens are often confused and dismayed when officers use force, even when the force is perfectly lawful and justified.

Some highlights of training alongside with Law Enforcement include:

• Explanation of policy and laws that officers are taught.

• An examination of use of force

• How to define a threat

• The difference between excessive force and unnecessary force.

• Who is the “bad guy” and who is not?

• How to make that call (in actuality, and in perception).

• Understanding of how an officer’s decisions are examined.

• Exploration of how officers see the world that they live in.

o Sometimes decisions will be made in a fraction of a second and on partial information.

o Sometimes a decision will change the lives of everyone involved—forever.

• Information on how to safely interact when faced by an officer.


Conflict Communications


Participants in the PAL Judo Program will also receive training in Conflict Communications

Conflict Communication Improves your understanding of violence, and interpersonal communications.

Increases verbal skills and helps to reduce the number of use of force incidents.

Originally designed for law enforcement to be used when confronting violent felons, the principles of this program also work in business, social and casual situations

If you're emotional and caught up in the default human conflict behaviors, the best de-escalation training in the world (Verbal Judo, C.I.T., etc) is of no use to you. You're not going to be able to do it.

The essential message of Conflict Communications is -De-escalation starts with you

The goal of Conflict Communications is to teach you how to prevent conflict whenever possible and to minimize its impact when it is unavoidable.

By understanding how and why confrontation occurs, Conflict Communications will show you conflict management, de-escalation, situation resolution and, if necessary, articulation of why action was both necessary and reasonable



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