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Personal self protection, and professional use of force are incomplete without the ability to strike and defend against being struck.


Along with Kyokushin Karate, the Keishoukan Dojo  Atemi Waza includes the fundamentals of Bare Knuckle Boxing.


Bare Knuckle Boxing or Classical Pugilism are the names given to the art of boxing that predates the introduction of the Marquess of Queensberry's rules. It was these rules that banned grappling, and introduced the system of rounds that is still used today. They also made the use of padded gloves compulsory.

The banning of throws and grappling techniques significantly changed the style of the fight and allowed fighters to adopt postures and stances more suited to a striking based sport. Postures and stances that had not been practical earlier. The adoption of gloves also altered the method of punching, and the hands were now heavily protected. This allowed for a much greater leeway in both power generation and target selection.

The fundamentals of Bare Knuckle Boxing  made perfect sense for their time,  place,  and purpose.


That most closely matches up with the needs of personal protection (Goshin Jutsu)

Those principles are what is needed for effective self defense striking and have a common core with the striking of WWII Combatives and pre-war or Okinawan Karate.


Bare Knuckle Boxing is effective as any combat sport that teaches full power striking, defending against such attacks and then sparring hard to see what it’s like. In a nutshell, those are the three main components that make boxing such an effective tool for self-defense:

• You learn to generate knock out power in both hands with a variety of techniques from different ranges.

• You learn to block, slip, parry, dodge and evade those attacks.

• You practice both of the above in a live fire situation against an opponent who does his best to hurt you.


“You haven’t been punched until you’ve been hit by a boxer. Nor do you know punching until you’ve learned to box.”     – Wim Demeere


Boxing removed from sport rules applied to personal protection has been embraced in the Filipino Martial Art Panantukan or “dirty boxing”

Panantukan is just western boxing unrestricted by sport rules.  As such looks a lot like old timey Bare Knuckle Boxing and old Karate. Just as Judo unrestricted by sport rules is the devil ( I mean that as a compliment to its effectiveness) and looks a lot like old timey  catch wrestling. The principles of the arts are common, only the rules differ.



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